Broken Hearted Youth cannot live on enthusiasm alone and we are deeply grateful to the following people for donating their money or their time (sometimes both) to the project.



These are the people we simply can’t live without, the apples of our eye. “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world…”

Daniel Afoke, Adelina Bichis, John Brennan @ Procam, Andy Greenhouse @ Swhype, Nic & Gill Hamblin, Kamilla Kristiane Hodøl, Ian @ Greyscale Productions, Franziska Lindner, George Rockliff, Pablo Rojo, Corey Montague-Sholay, Adrian Nunn, Chris Ryan.



These are the blasts from past and present, the people we owe a lifetime of lunches to and will always secretly pine for. “Here’s looking at you, Kid…”

Joseph Ackerman, Ian Aryeh, Kate Bannister, Joe Bateman, Nicky Bentham, Szymon Binkowski, Imogen Brodie, Andy Cook, Oliver Dawes, William Davies, Andrew & Liz Ford, Kirsten Geekie, Kayleigh Hemmings, Daisy Moseley, Jack Orlando, Katy Palmer, Claire Pearson, Kyle Pickford, Ginny Roncoroni, Andrew Simpson, Arthur Sloman, Karl Swinyard.



They might not remember us but we certainly remember them – whirlwind romances that left us flustered; adjusting our clothing and checking our hair in the mirror. “We’ll always have Paris…”

Bob Bateman, Sheena Bucktowonsing, Michael Armstrong, Jim Dann, Ted Fell, Celia Galinanes-Garcia, Nugi Hadjiproto, Ross McClure, Ed Olsworth-Peter, Nadia Rich, Brian & Helen Rothfeder, Doug Templeton.